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HEADLINE is a Journalism & Tech for-profit start-up.

It is both a journalism and a technology project specialized in [1] content production and [2] in data grouping and analysis. Its objective is to bring together journalistic expertise with data developer know-how to produce high quality journalism while ensuring financial self-sustainability.

HEADLINE will aggregate and publish on its platform and mobile applications content produced by its own editorial staff, HEADLINE NEWS, and by its PARTNERS, selected from among journalism start-ups. That is, HEADLINE will be the core of the independent journalism constellation in Brazil, its beta market, and then other countries.

HEADLINE is committed to using multiple and creative ways to convey news, including but not limited to photography, documentary photography, raw videos, short-docs, documentaries, podcasts, graphic reporting, data-supported journalism, editorials and commentary.

HEADLINE’s journalism will follow a formula that is unprecedented in the Brazilian market, and rare in worldwide journalism: it won’t be another daily newspaper or weekly magazine, but a daily digital magazine. It will cover on daily basis the most important topics of the week, but not as hard news, which aim simply to update the reader on the latest developments. Instead, it will produce pieces that focus on relevance, context, interpretation and analysis.

Instead of being another outlet giving readers the news basics – the who, what, when, why, where – HEADLINE will aggregate value, engaging readers with articles that explore what the news of the day means, why they should care, and how it impacts their lives, the country, the world.


HEADLINE is founded on the belief that journalism serves a social function; it aspires to contribute to a better society. Transparency and drastic independence from governmental and financial interests is a cornerstone. HEADLINE aims to be an open publisher in an open society.

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